Your ECP coaches are uniquely qualified and experienced

To design and carry out customized online English coaching plans, ECP coaches use their extensive experience in these valuable areas:

teaching English

The ECP coaching team has formal teacher training and decades of experience designing and teaching English to thousands of learners of all ability levels, from all over the world, for professional, academic, and general purposes.

training teachers

The ECP coaching team has decades of experience working at universities in the USA, UK, and Canada training thousands of teachers from around the world how to teach English, how to design English programs, and how to assess English teachers.

doing research

The ECP coaching team has advanced degrees (MA, PhD) in language education, and has published and presented research on language teaching and learning in many international journals and at many international conferences.

mentoring individuals

The ECP coaching team has decades of experience providing formal one-to-one guidance to hundreds of individuals to help them successfully navigate professional careers, university programs, and workplace internships.

So no matter what your English goals are, you can be confident that ECP coaches have the expertise to help you succeed.

Meet your ECP coaches.

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Coach Mark

What are your qualifications and experience?
I began my career with an education degree in Canada and an English teaching job in Japan. That was a very rewarding experience, and it led me to a MEd degree, then a PhD degree in second language education from one of the best programs in the world, at the University of Toronto, Canada. I have worked in English language education at private language institutes, companies, and universities around the world. I am currently an associate professor at one of the largest universities in the USA (Arizona State University), where I teach English learners, train English teachers, and do research on English language education.

What is your approach to English coaching?
I think the most important part of English coaching is focusing on the client’s needs and making sure the client feels comfortable and positive. Most English learning programs use the same materials for all learners, but that is not efficient because every learner is different. As an English coach, I precisely identify a client’s most important needs and I develop materials to fit those needs. I make sure the materials are suitably challenging (not too easy, not too difficult!) so the client feels motivated and makes progress. I check frequently to make sure the coaching plan continues to stay focused and the client continues to feel comfortable and positive.

What do you think is the biggest strength of ECP?
The ECP team has specialized coaching knowledge and skills that are not available anywhere else. The ECP team has well-established connections to universities, companies, and organizations in the USA and around the world, and has helped many English learners to enter and succeed in university programs, to find jobs, and to progress in careers. This means your ECP team is very well-prepared to create a customized online coaching plan that will help you to achieve your English learning goals.

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Coach Ruby

What are your qualifications and experience?
My career in English language education started in Japan and has taken me around the world, working with thousands of learners at language schools, companies, and universities. I have a MA degree from one of the world’s most highly-respected programs in teaching English as a foreign/second language, at the University of Birmingham in the UK. I am currently a faculty member at one of the largest universities in the USA (Arizona State University), where I train English teachers and work with multi-national companies and organizations as director of a renowned professional internship and career development program.

What is your approach to English coaching?
When I work with clients, my top priority is putting them at the center of the coaching experience. I take time to listen and design learning pathways that are creative and customized for each client. That way, clients stay motivated by focusing on what matters most to them, and I can support clients in highly personalized ways. Two heads are always better than one, and that idea carries over into my coaching approach where I work alongside clients to develop their English language abilities and to help them reach their specific learning goals using the tools and techniques that work best for their learning styles and schedules.

What do you think is the biggest strength of ECP?
​The ECP team has the most extensive, diverse experience in English language education that you will find in any in-person or online English coaching service. I love that the coaching team is made up of highly-trained experts who are teaching specialists, teacher trainers, researchers, and professional career coaches. Having worked in English language education around the world, I know that this combination of expertise is rare, and that makes ECP online coaching particularly special.

Did you know ... ?

​There are many different purposes for learning English, like English for business purposes, English for academic purposes, and English for travel purposes, and learning English for one purpose can be ineffective for other purposes. In fact, there is a whole branch of English language education called English for specific purposes (ESP), with its own professional journals, conferences, and textbooks. A coach with expertise in ESP education can create a coaching plan that precisely fits a client’s purpose.

The ECP coaching team has internationally-recognized expertise in ESP education. (Read more)

Ready for online English coaching? Choose the experts at ECP. You will be happy that you did.